A guide to innovative problem Solving

Couverture d’ouvrage : TRIZ : The Right Solution at the Right Time
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Triz is a Russian acronym which stands for the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving originated by Genrikh Altshuller. Triz introduces a systematic approach to solving innovative problems.

This book provides both students and working professionals with detailed assistance in understanding the underlying principles of TRIZ.

The text explains the procedures and techniques for applying TRIZ to solving innovative problems in structured and logical way. It reveals how specific techniques, developed from the basic principles of TRIZ, can be used in a broad range of applications. Practical rather than theoretical, this book presents numerous examples on illustrating how the basic TRIZ principles and techniques are applicable to a limitless variety of inventive problems. The examples can be used to master skills with TRIZ while reading the book.

A detailed coverage of TRIZ knowledge bases and techniques make the text an excellent reference sourcebook.

The book provides the answers to the following questions :

Why do we need to know and use TRIZ?

Why do innovative problems arise?

How to formulate innovative problems in a right way?

How to solve innovative problems within a fraction of time and with the highest degree of effectiveness?

How to choose the right direction of improving design products?

How to accurately predict the technology evolution?

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TRIZ : The Right Solution at the Right Time